© 2000 Patricia Gould

34 x 47 inches

When I created this quilt, I lived about 25 northeast of the gorge, so every trip south to Santa Fe gave me the opportunity to see the gorge. This incredible rift never fails to take my breath away and leave me in awe of the violent forces that formed and continue to shape our Earth. Surrounding the gorge is a huge volcanic plain and several extinct volcanoes. The imposing Sangre de Christo mountains, including the highest peak in New Mexico, Wheeler Peak, are slightly  east of the gorge and I took the liberty of moving them into the view for visual impact. The sky can change rapidly from deep, clear blue to a pastel blend or to dramatic storms and the gorge changes colors and character throughout the day with it’s ever-changing shadows.



American Landscapes 2003, Maryland Fed. Of Art, Annapolis MD, 2003, Judge’s Choice Award

Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara CA, 2000

Moreno Valley Arts Council Summer Artsfest, Angel Fire NM, 2000, 1st Place Winner, Fiber Arts Category

Artist of the Month, The Artist’s Magazine, March 2003


Petroglyph, Literary Magazine of the University of Utah, Fall 2001, page 19