© 2003 Patricia Gould

24 x34 inches

My visit to Deception Island, once an important whaling station, left me with haunting images of a bygone era. These, and other piles of whalebones are scattered around the lava beach. The remains of the casks, which held the whale oil and the boilers, are slowly being reclaimed by the elements. Once I enlarged the image to it’s  present size, and then created the scene in fabric, it looked more like a mountain landscape than a small patch of beach with the remains of the whale. I knew when I shot the photo that I was drawn to the abstract design of the bones, but I didn’t know what final image would emerge in the finished work.


Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition, Invitational, National Tainan Living Art Center, Taiwan, 2009

TEXTile Messaging, The Branigan Cultural Center, Las Cruces NM, 2008

Fiber Celebration 2005, Longmont Museum, Longmont CO, 2005

Summer Art, Eleanore Bliss Center for the Arts, Steamboat Springs CO, 2004, Honorable Mention

Dimensions 2004, Associated Artists of Winston-Salem, Winston-Salem NC, 2004