© 2008 Patricia Gould

36 x 36 inches

Morning Glory Pool is one of my favorite geysers in Yellowstone National Park. I first visited Yellowstone in 1967 while on a camping trip from New York to Alaska with my family. In 1985, I revisited the park and Morning Glory was still relatively blue and teal and clean compared to what it was 18 years earlier. The last time I saw this geyser was in 2012 and it was rapidly dying and had turned yellow/orange due to junk thrown into it by visitors; the debris clogs its vents and it is suffocating. I prefer to remember this gem in all its glory, before humans caused its demise. Unless humans around the globe change our attitudes about how critical it is to protect the Earth, we will not be able to save these unique and precious areas for the future.


Connecting Our Natural Worlds, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson AZ, 2019

National Parks – Personal Narratives, The Phipps Center for the Arts, Hudson WI, 2016

Common Threads, Prescott College Art Gallery at Sam Hill Warehouse, Prescott AZ, 2011

Double Vision, Reed Whipple Cultural Center, Las Vegas NV, 2010

Double Vision, Unsettled Gallery, Las Cruces NM, 2009

Fiber Exhibition, Johnson’s of Madrid Gallery, Madrid NM, 2009

Fabrics of Legacies International Art Quilt Exhibition, Lincoln Center, Ft. Collins CO, 2009

Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta, Albuquerque NM, 2009

New Mexico Fabrications, NM State Capitol Building, Santa Fe NM, 2008