35.75 x 47.5 inches

All of Antarctica had a very pre-historic, ice-age feel to it, and the gentle snowfall for several 23 hour days enhanced that feeling. As I was in the foggy midst of these giant icebergs and small bergy bits, I felt as though we were in a set from a sci-fi movie of the future in the next ice age.


Winter Wonderland, Tims Art Quilt Studio, La Veta CO, 2007

World Quilt Show, Manchester NH, 2006

On The Wall, SAQA @ Colorado Springs, March 2006

Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta, Albuquerque NM, 2005

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, Hampton VA, 2005

Tribute To Fiber, APEX Gallery, Washington DC, 2004,

Professional Artists Invitational, Alegre Retreat, Santa Fe NM, 2004