Patricia exhibiting her fiber art


Patricia grew up in a small village on Eastern Long Island (New York) and never wanted to be anything other than an artist. She was writing stories and illustrating them at 6 years old. The Gould home was always filled with fine art on the walls, especially Chinese art inherited from her grandfather, a lawyer who was also an artist/writer. Her great grandmother was a portrait painter who left the family stunning hand painted porcelain. She moved to Santa Barbara CA in 1980 and then to New Mexico in 1993 and her work reflects her love of the desert southwest and the mountains surrounding her.

Patricia’s fiber artworks have won both national and international awards and are in private collections worldwide. In addition to winning a Niche Award in 2008 and again in 2013, Patricia was “Artist of the Month” in March 2003 in The Artist’s Magazine, and was chosen to be an Artist in Residence in Hungary in 2005. The State of New Mexico has purchased 8 of her fiber art landscapes and 2 of her paintings as part of the Art in Public Places Program.


In 2013, after creating mixed media fiber landscapes for 20 years, I began concentrating on painting on canvas, and photography. Inspiration for all my artwork comes from trips to China, East Africa, Russia, Antarctica, and extensive travel throughout North America and Europe. I’m drawn to a few subjects in nature that I find perpetually intriguing and my voice is whispering a tribute to the incredible beauty in both the subtle and violent forces of nature, only touched by the hands of humans on rare occasions. I’m obsessively drawn to trees, rocks, all forms of water, and animals; I portray these subjects as if they were asking to me to reveal their messages to the world. My paintings, photographs, and fiber pieces are dramatic portraits of Earth and I hope to draw the viewers into these scenes to share the exhilaration I feel and to cherish the wonders of the place we call home.